Kardo Findlater Collection

The collection has  been a draw for artists, fashion lovers, aesthetes and  more. Just a few of those that we are proud to have as our supporters include:

  • Nadine Mahoney is the resident artist, curator of the collection and art consultant.
  • Tektura have been inspired by works in the collection for the creation of stunning wallcoverings in support of the Bounce Back Foundation.
  • The celebrated fashion designer - Daniel Blake has held stunning fashion shows ¬†with the collection in support of the Foundation.
  • Ulliana Appatina launched her 88 windows installation at the Kennington project space within the collection.
  • Martin Thornton, artist and style guru, has exhibited his art and jewellery
  • Jewellery designer Natasha Leith-Smith of Allumer has shown within the collection and is designing pieces for Bounce Back